How We Work

Medical Device RecruitingDevice Solutions offers many different options for clients and candidates to work with us to achieve their business and professional goals. We offer Retained Recruiting and Contingency Recruiting to help our clients and candidates meet a wide variety of needs.

Contingency Recruiting Option

Sometimes it makes sense to only pay a fee when the search is complete and your new hire is on board. Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for companies looking to fill mid-level positions on a non-confidential basis. Device Solutions can help you drive business success utilizing our contingency recruiting model.

Contingency Recruiting with Device Solutions

At Device Solutions, we treat contingency recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism, and discretion. We hold an unmatched national network of marketing and engineering candidates, accurate market research, and profound industry knowledge. We are the Medical Device’s premier contingency recruiting firm, and you can count on speed, customization, analysis, and thoughtful recruitment with our contingency option.

We bring an intense focus on delivering inspiring talent who are not actively engaged in a job search or seeking to make a change—candidates who will drive economic value for your company. We will identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria. We will deliver top tier candidates, each of whom will have been meticulously pre-qualified for contingency placement. Our next step is to present them to you through comprehensive summary profiles. We will help coordinate interviews for each candidate you select and provide experienced, consultative assistance at every step through hiring. Then and only then, will we collect a fee for our services.

We are a seamless, available, and harmonizing partner for your company, striving to ensure your business goals are identified and accomplished. We provide a trusted, consultative service to each and every client by truly listening and responding to your needs.

Device Solutions Goes Beyond your Contingency Recruiting Requirements

The Device Solutions approach to contingency recruiting drives superior business results for our clients. No one in the Medical Device industry is approaching, researching, or achieving the positive results like Device Solutions. We are taking a more rigorous, analytical, and client focused approach to helping you build and attain your business goals.

We will be your trusted contingency recruiting partner and advisor. We will always deliver a steady, honest, and constructive dialogue. This is vital to our approach. An approach that delivers result oriented communication dialog in a timely fashion and maintains long-term relationships. We strive surpass your current expectations for what a contingency recruiting firm can accomplish for you. We want to be your current and future contingency recruiting partner.

Device Solutions Retained Search

When time, complexity, and confidentiality are urgent, many clients feel the best option is the Device Solutions retained search option. Retained search is particularly appropriate when the need is critical, the hire will have a significant impact on company performance, or new opportunities emerge that must be quickly addressed. Retained recruiting offers a commitment from both sides and sends a powerful message to candidates that the company highly values this significant opportunity.

We understand and thrive in that type of environment. We are the best at providing you with the tempo, quality, and guaranteed performance outcomes of Device Solutions Retained Search. Our performance-based pricing structure ensures that you get the service you are looking for and beyond.

Device Solutions – Retained Recruiting Benefit

A vital difference with Device Solutions is that the recruiter you are introduced to at the start of the search is the person who will be your single point of contact throughout the search. Our retained recruiting consultants remain with you every single step of the way, talking with you at the beginning and following through with you and the successful candidate long after the hire is made. With Device Solutions, one person remains as your central point of contact and is committed to and accountable for filling that position for you. The result of that singular dedication is an extremely high success rate for retained search. Failure is not an option.

We truly listen to your needs. For critically important hires, getting everything right the first time is vital for the success of the search. We listen to all of the important aspects involved in the retained recruiting process. We make certain that everyone in your organization—from the hiring manager to the head of HR—and our organization, are on the same page together. Our retained recruiters are proper business partners with your company. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we help ensure that your organization moves efficiently through the retained recruiting process with no disappointments.

Business intelligence is a critical component of successful retained searches. We ensure that the candidate you hire will ultimately drive business success for your company, we invest a lot of time up front in comprehensive research relating to your assignment. We assess both the position and the corporate strategy. Our comprehensive research evaluates the entire platform from strategic, financial, cultural and to operational aspects of the company and the hire. We understand the process well, we must. We understand the medical device industry. Our successes have allowed us to understand what it takes to deliver results that will exceed your expectations. We proceed in an extremely efficient manner and with a consultative approach to source the ideal match between your needs the capabilities of the candidates we deliver. With a powerful national network of marketing and engineering candidates—the vast majority of whom are not actively seeking employment—our retained executive recruiting team is able to swiftly deliver the best qualified candidates for your opportunity.

Device Solutions Exceeds Retained Recruiting Expectations

The Device Solutions culture and methodologies help to drive advanced business outcomes. We are the best in the medical device industry at approaching retained recruiting the way we are. Our results are proven and effective. We are helping redefine the executive recruiting experience through personalized account management, a highly consultative approach, and guaranteed unmatched performance standards.

Our number one goal is to be your trusted recruiting consultant. We will promote steady, honest, and constructive dialogue between you and Device Solutions—the kind of communication that endorses timely results and healthy long-term relationships. We plan to exceed your current expectations for what a retained recruiting firm can accomplish on your behalf. We want to be your premier retained recruiting search partner for many years to come.