Potential Device Solutions Associate Questions

Q) What is the ideal profile for a Device Solutions associate?
A) Device Solutions associates come from a wide range of industries, professional paths, and experiences. Their diversity and depth of knowledge is key to providing our clients and candidates with true understanding and a wide breadth of abilities. We hire and mold the very best. No one is too experienced to learn and everyone is expected to do so. Device Solutions recruiters are professional, passionate and high achievers. Ethics, honesty, and discretion are a given. If you don’t have them, you don’t belong at Device Solutions.

Q) What makes Device Solutions different from other recruiting firms?
A) Business as usual in the recruiting industry is flawed. It is largely transactional.. Our culture and methodologies drive superior results. Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the executive recruiting process and the critical importance of each placement for both company and candidate. Our associates are collegial, collaborative, and committed to doing the right thing at each and every opportunity for our clients, our candidates, and each other.

Q) Where are you located?
A) Device Solutions is headquartered in Orlando FL.

Q) Do your recruiters work locally or nationally?
A) Device Solutions specializes in working with clients to find top tier talent and with candidates to find their best-fitting career moves, both locally and nationally. We have an extensive network across the country and a collaborative team culture, resulting in our unparalleled ability to deliver results regardless of geographic circumstances.

Q) What is the corporate support structure at Device Solutions?
A) Device Solutions highly values our team culture. Our office is led by seasoned professionals who provide experienced support and guidance. We are led by professional experts who have deep sector knowledge and proven experience. As a Device Solutions recruiter, you will receive the support, training, and tools you need to succeed.

Q) What industries/types of companies do you recruit for?
A) Device Solutions is the premiere executive recruiting partner within the Medical Device industry. Assisting small start-up’s to Fortune 500 companies around the nation find top tier talent. We specialize in Medical Device Marketing and Product Development/R&D.

Q) What is the compensation structure?
A) Device Solutions is committed to helping its associates build and enjoy a rewarding career, including financial success. We are collegial, collaborative, and committed to doing the right thing. We offer no guarantees other than unlimited opportunity, and we reward based upon what you produce.

Q) I don’t have recruiting experience, but I’m interested in changing careers.
A) Device Solutions hires and molds the very best in the industry. Our associates come from a wide range of industries, professional paths and experiences. We utilize a unique combination of data, analytics, industry experience, and recruiting expertise to help our associates compete at the highest level. We carefully cultivate and train our associates to give them a unique, competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace. Our recruiters are passionate, professional and high performance. If those characteristics describe you – you are what we are seeking.

Q) Does Device Solutions use an open or closed database?
A) Device Solutions is a team of trusted consultants who are committed to doing the right thing for each client, each candidate and each other. We have developed a culture and methodologies that enable us to work collaboratively, cross-sell and share the rewards of joint-effort. We hold client and candidate confidentiality in the highest regard, and we enforce clear and fair practices among ourselves. Ethics, honesty, and discretion are a must.

Q) How do I contact Device Solutions about joining your team?
A) If you are ready for a challenging opportunity that holds the potential for professional fulfillment and financial success, register with Device Solutions today.