Job Seeker FAQ

Q) What makes Device Solutions different from other recruiting firms?
A) The Device Solutions culture and methodologies deliver superior results. We recognize that resumes rarely secure a job. Recruiters do. Hiring decisions impact people, families and careers. Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the executive recruiting process and the critical importance of each placement. Device Solutions provides unparalleled service by truly listening to the needs of our candidates, and helping you fully realize your career ambitions.

Q) What industries/types of companies do you recruit for?
A) Device Solutions is a highly specialized Medical Device Search Firm. We specialize in Marketing and Product Development/R&D Opportunities.

Q) What types of placement services do you provide?
A) Device Solutions works with candidates in a variety of ways to ensure that we provide the greatest opportunities for your career and your ambitions. We provide assistance in finding your best next move and strive for a long standing relationship.

Q) I’m not sure what I want my next job to be. Can you help me?
A) Device Solutions is interested in more than one placement. We are interested in a career of progressive success. Our experience, our research, our industry knowledge and our careful and consultative approach work to ensure the best possible fit between candidate and company ̶ whatever that might be for you.

Q) Where are you located?
A) Device Solutions is headquartered in Orlando FL.

Q) Do your recruiters work locally or nationally?
A) Device Solutions specializes in working with candidates to find the best-fitting career moves, both locally and nationally. We have an extensive network across the country regardless of geographic circumstances.

Q) If you do not have an office in a certain location, do you still provide services for job seekers in that location?
A) Device Solutions works nationally across the United States. We can help you identify local opportunities in your city or anywhere else in the US that may be of interest.

Q) How long have you been in the business?
A) Device Solutions has been helping candidates fully realize their career ambitions within the Medical Device Industry since 2006 and carries one of the highest standard track-records of success in the recruiting industry.

Q) If I provide my information, will you keep it confidential?
A) 100% Yes. Device Solutions provides trusted, consultative service to our candidates. Ethics, honesty and discretion are required by every professional, at every level at Device Solutions. Your information is kept highly confidential at all times.

Q) Is there a fee for your services?
A) Our services are complimentary for qualified job seekers. Only clients who are hiring employers incur a fee for our recruiting services.

Q) How can I get in touch with a Device Solutions recruiter?
A) We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your career ambitions. Please contact us at Device Solutions and a recruiter will be in contact with you shortly.

Q) How can I find open jobs on your site?
A) Device Solutions is not a jobs board and does not post open positions for public viewing. Please register online with Device Solutions and recruiter will contact you shortly to discuss your career ambitions.